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Pound slumps as PM Boris Johnson’s Brexit rhetoric toughens

02/08/2019 Aucun commentaire

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Wales on Tuesday for a nationwide trip to reassure voters that their push to leave the European Union « come what may » won’t harm the economy and rip apart the U.K. The move did not persuade foreign exchange, in which the lb slid up to a brand new 28-month young asian beauties low amid increasing issues of a chaotic brexit that is no-deal.

Each and every day after Johnson ended up being booed in Scotland, he encountered another tough reception from farmers — a group core into the Welsh economy — whom worry economic havoc if Britain makes the EU without a divorce or separation deal. They state millions of sheep might need to be slaughtered if tariffs are slapped on lamb exports in to the EU. Lire la suite…